Boy Bye Bot’s Favorite Bae: Dexter.

Hey, Hassan here. Creator of Boy Bye Bot. First thing you should know, I’m a comedy writer, not a fancy coder. When I first had the idea for this bot, I knew I’d need an easy-to-use platform to handle the technical side of things. (Like I said, not a coder.) I’d heard of Dexter, and gave it a try. A few hours later, this bot was born. Boom. Easy.

Once only powered by Dexter, we’ve taken things one step further. I’ve officially partnered with Dexter to make Boy Bye Bot even better for you. It’s processed over 250,000 texts so far. That’s a lotta U up?’s. With this partnership, the goal is to help even more of you ward off the fuckbois in your life. Let’s get to 1 million texts, fam!

If you’re curious about making a chatbot of your own, check out Dexter!

And if you’re curious about making a creeper regret they ever sent you their 🍆 , well, you know what to do…

Boy Bye Bot. Powered by Dexter.


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